Thursday 8th November



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Richard Betts, Head of Events & PropertyTV at PropertyEU
Richard Stephens, Founder & Editor, Poland Today


Keynote Presentation: The new political landscape in Poland 

By this time the results of the city elections will only just be known. How will the balance of political power across the country be affected?

Marek Matraszek, Chairman, CEC Government Relations


Keynote: Poland, the CEE & the global business view 

What can we expect from global capital flows and which sources are targeting the CEE?  

Sabina Kalyan, Co-Global Head of Research and Global Chief Economist, CBRE Global Investors


Keynote Panel: Poland and CEE the investors' view 

What are the decisions behind investing in Poland & CEE? What factors are taken into account, and how are the different sectors and locations viewed from the perspective of key investors?  


Janusz Dzianachowski, Partner, Real Estate, Linklaters

Robert Martin, Founding Partner, Head of Central Europe, Europa Capital, UK

Wouter de Vos, CEO, Atterbury Property Investment, South Africa

Kirsten Felden, Senior Investment Manager for CEE Region, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Germany

Martin Erbe, Head of International Real Estate Finance Continental Europe, Helaba, Germany


Networking Coffee


Presentation: China's Belt & Road Initiative – Investment boost for the CEE?

A $900-billion investment programme sees the Chinese amassing thousands of kilometres of railway lines and a portfolio of ports across Europe. What are the impacts and the outlook for the CEE region from a logistics perspective?

Frank Schuhholz, Founder, FMS Advisers B.V., Netherlands


Presentation: REITs and the listed sector – providing a boost for CEE markets?  

Tobias Steinmann, Director Public Affairs, EPRA, Brussels


Panel Discussion: REITS and long-term investment in the CEE

REIT regimes have had a significant positive impact on investment and liquidity in many markets. With the listed sector and REITs becoming a more active part of the discussion in CEE and Poland, what are the experiences of other countries, investors, and what does this mean for CEE markets and international investment across the region.


Andrew Brooking, Director, Java Capital, South Africa

Katarzyna Kopczewska, Partner, Baker McKenzie, Poland

Andrew Cox, Head of Investment Relations & Corporate Development, Globalworth

Mark Robinson, CEE Research Specialist, Colliers International


Speed Dating Session

In depth insights combined with networking on all the latest trends and alternative sub-sectors that are having a rising impact on the real estate market.


Marc Edwards, CEO, Tower Property Fund Ltd.

Martin Evans, Director, Tower Property Fund Ltd.

Tomasz Szymański, Advisor of the Board, ProperGate

Tobias Steinmann, Director Public Affairs, EPRA, Brussels

Kazimierz Kirejczyk, Co-founder & President of the Board, REAS

Frank Schuhholz, Founder, FMS Advisers B.V., Netherlands

Kristof JacunskiCEO, Origin Polska

Nicholas Motz, Co-founder & Vice-President of the Board at Mount TFI

Bartosz Dobrowolski, Founder, Proptech Poland; Member, RICS Advisory Board

Petr BořutaMarketing Manager, Spaceflow, UK

Leszek LaweraIBM Poland and Baltics Service Manager, IBM


There is a growing awareness and support amongst the South African investment community of the case for Poland & CEE on the back of the successful expansion by NEPI Rockcastle and EPP (to name a couple). The SA market has a good understanding of the macro-economic situation, including real estate fundamentals, in most of the major markets in the CEE region, but what is less well understood is the political context within the major markets, including Poland. This is often due to contradictory news flow on the region from various media sources, for example the Economist. There is also some concern as to whether cap rates may begin to increase and whether there is sufficient capital (other than SA capital) investing in the CEE region, especially the smaller economies of CEE/SEE.
Session description to come shortly
Over the last five years flexible office operators have expanded rapidly in all major global cities. In Warsaw there has been a 250% increase in flexible office space over the last 3 years, marking a dramatic new trend in the market. But, as traditionalists point out, the trend has yet to be cycle-tested. How would it fare in an economic slump, or a downturn in the tech sector?
Resi-to-rent is proving a game changer for the residential market in Poland. According to REAS, an estimated EUR 157 million worth of residential assets was traded by domestic and foreign institutional investors in 2017, increasing the investment volume by 7% y-on-y. Now the first 15 rental assets are operational, serving as benchmarks for other investors.
With a large pipeline of student housing product under development driven by a domestic student population of around 1.35 million and an ever-increasing international student inflow, this sub-sector offers huge growth potential for existing investors and newcomers alike. What are the factors that will affect this burgeoning market niche in the months and years ahead?
Demographics across Europe suggest a significant growth in the need for senior housing. An established asset class in the USA and with residential and student housing growing significantly in Europe will senior housing also see substantial growth in the future. What should investors look at in terms of risk? Are specific business models developing across Europe? Where are the opportunities in the CEE?
Buildings are becoming increasingly like computers, albeit very large ones. One key to understanding the changes is to shift from building-oriented thinking (cost-saving) to a user- (specifically employee-) centred approach. It’s not only the buildings that technology can improve, but the management itself. Across the CEE region there is a gap between expectations and the availability of proptech solutions. Find out what are the latest trends and issues in PropTech.
Following on from his presentation earlier in the afternoon, Frank Schuhholz will be available to discuss in more detail the plans for China’s world-famous initiative, and what it could mean for the CEE Region now and in the future.


Breakout Session: Locations across the CEE 

From Warsaw and Poland’s regional cities, through mature markets like Prague, Budapest and Bucharest, to discussion about Baltics states and SEE. What are the risks, returns and the opportunities for cross-border investment?

(Participants choose to take part in one of these two sessions)


The major CEE capitals are attractive places to do business with a modern office infrastructure not far off Western cities. Prime yields are falling steadily and are likely to match western cities in the years ahead. But each market boasts its own dynamics. Budapest continues its aggressive growing trend and remains an international investment favourite. In Czech Republic, 1H 2018 domestic capital accounted for 67% of investment volume, in sharp contrast to Warsaw. In Bucharest, investment transactions are down on the same period last year, but many deals are in the works, and the size of the deals are up. How much growth is there ahead?
Now that the city elections are behind us (as of the conference date), how does the land lie for investors and developers? In which cities will it be business as normal, and in which is it all change – and what does this change mean? As Kraków – 10 short years ago considered a regional backwater – continues its exceptional growth curve, are there any mid-sized cities which could emulate its success? And how much potential for development do Poznań, the Tri-City and Wrocław still hold?


Piotr Mirowski, Senior Partner, Colliers International

Mark Robinson, CEE Research Specialist, Colliers International

Marcin Kocerba, Associate in Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield

Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia

Johannes Bauer, Development / Asset Management CEE, S+B Gruppe AG

Adrian Karczewicz, Head of Divestments, SKANSKA

Wiktor Doktor, CEO, Pro Progressio Foundation

Marek Koziarek, Business Development Consultant, Poland, Secure Legal Title Limited

Petr BořutaMarketing Manager, Spaceflow, UK

Robert Martin, Founding Partner, Head of Central Europe, Europa Capital, UK

Andrew Brooking, Director, Java Capital, South Africa

Kirsten Felden, Senior Investment Manager for CEE Region, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Germany


Networking Cocktail 


Celebration Dinner: Honouring the 100th Anniversary of Polish Independence

One hundred years ago, Poland re-emerged as an independent nation state after 123 years off the European map. On this 100th anniversary occasion, the real estate market joins the celebrations and takes its own stroll down memory lane, with early market pioneers taking to the stage and recounting memories and anecdotes from the early days. An occasion not to miss.

Vodka Tasting, led by Andrzej Szumowski, President of the Board of the Polish Vodka Association and a founder of the new Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw

Gdynia: Symbol of Poland’s Century by Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia

Warsaw premiere of ‘The Future of Warsaw’ short film

Special guests:

Paweł Dębowski, Partner, Dentons, CEE

Markus Leininger, Principal, SIMRES Real Estate Sarl

Monika Rajska-Wolińska, Managing Partner, Colliers International

Christian Fojtl, Managing Director / Partner, WX Management Services

Agata Sekuła, International Director, Capital Markets, JLL

Hadley DeanCEO, EPP

Marek Koziarek, Business Development Consultant, Poland, Secure Legal Title Limited

Friday 9th November



Registration & Networking Breakfast


Keynote Speech: Urban Development & Renewal

What can we learn from the perspectives of major cities around the world on the successful re-generation of urban landscapes. How to create cities that meet the challenges and needs of the next generation in an ever changing, dynamic world.

Margarida Caldeira, Chair of the EMEA Board, Broadway Malyan, Lisbon


Panel Discussion: Building the Vision - politics, decision-making & real estate

While geopolitical developments across Western Europe, the USA and further afield have blunted the effects on international investor sentiment of populist leanings in CEE, local & national politics still play a large part in investment decision-making. Following hot on the heels of city elections across Poland, and with international money still assessing governments in Hungary, Czech and Romania, what can be expected in the weeks & months ahead?

Dorota Dąbrowska-Winterscheid, Managing Director, American Chamber of Commerce

Przemysław Krych, Founder, Griffin Real Estate

Krzysztof Sakierski, Director, PwC

Marcin Bużański, President at Globalny Lider (Globalnylider.PL), Senior Advisor at Pulaski Foundation

James ShotterCentral Europe Correspondent, Financial Times (moderator)


Networking Coffee


Breakout Sessions: Sectors 

Office, retail & warehouse - each of the sectors has its own dynamics and creates its own development and investment opportunities. How global trends and strategies are blowing away the old established certainties and transforming the CEE market?

(Participants choose to take part in one of these two sessions)


EUR 5.8 bln of investment volume is forecasted in the CEE’s office market in 2018. Over 425,000 sqm of office space was leased in Warsaw in 1H this year, the highest ever recorded in the city. Despite hype to the contrary, and 15 new offices delivered to the market in the first two quarters, vacancy rates are falling and rents rising. Is a correction due? In the country’s 8 largest regional cities, 84 office buildings totaling more than 950,000 sqm of new space are under construction. Which cities can expect the most demand going forward? And how will the ever-present labour shortage – contributing to higher construction & development costs – affect the situation?
The retail & warehouse sectors are intrinsically intertwined and interconnected, never more so than in today’s e-commerce, ‘next-day-delivery’, ‘last-mile-delivery’ world. With the biggest new annual supply for 3 years in Poland due by end of 2018, what does this mean for a retail industry adapting to new customer demands and expectations? How is the market acclimatizing to the Sunday ban, and to new trends such as ‘showrooming’ and ‘webrooming’. And can Poland buck the trend for online purchasing to affect footfall in shopping centres? In warehouse, H1 2018 has seen exceptional, record demand and take up by tenants in Poland, a phenomenon echoed in other CEE markets. This has led to the regional market being dubbed a market of ‘unstoppable growth’. The vacancy rate in 4 regions of Poland is currently 1%. The question is, are rents finally rising? What are the key industry trends and how will this influence locations? Electrification, driverless vehicles, 3D printing – how will the sector look in 5 years’ time?



Agata BrzezinskaHead of CEE Pradera Management Poland

Radosław KnapGeneral Director, Polish Council of Shopping Centres

Sean DoyleHead of Capital Markets, CBRE

Petr BořutaMarketing Manager, Spaceflow, UK

Renata Osiecka, Managing Partner, Axi Immo Group

Maciej MadejakManaging Director, Panattoni Europe

Soren Rodian Olsen, Partner | Head Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield

Paul KuśmierzFounder,Master Management Group

Andrew Cox, Head of Investment Relations & Corporate Development, Globalworth

Craig Smith, Head of Research & Property, Anchor Stockbrokers, South Africa

Wouter de Vos, CEO, Atterbury Property Investment, South Africa


Panel Discussion: Strategies for Success – the International Investor

Key international investors share their experiences of investing in CEE, the successes, the challenges and the opportunities. How does international capital read the future for the market? Where the is the market heading and which strategies are likely to boost performance?


Craig Smith, Head of Research & Property, Anchor Stockbrokers, South Africa

Dr Walter Hampel, Head of Real Estate Finance International Clients & CEE, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Germany

Karina Trojańska, Chief Operating & Financing Officer in Poland, Panattoni Europe

Tim NormanManaging Partner at Chayton Capital

Adam Pustelnik, Director of the Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau, The City of Łódź


Networking Lunch & Close of Conference