Tuesday 29th October



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Richard Betts, Group Publisher, Real Asset Media
Richard Stephens, Founder & Editor, Poland Today


Keynote Presentation: Poland and CEE real estate in a global context

Where does the Polish & CEE real estate market stand on the global map? Which global trends and issues are influencing the market? Sharing key findings from the recent World Built Environment Forum in New York, and taking from RICS's own reports, the RICS Global Chief Executive will put the Polish & CEE real estate market in the context of global markets and trends.

Sean Tompkins, Global Chief Executive, RICS (UK)


Keynote Presentation: global capital flows into Poland and the CEE region

What are the key drivers in global capital flows, which sources are actively targeting future investment in the CEE and why?


Keynote Panel: Poland and CEE the international investors' view

Get behind the headlines and access the investment committee. What drives the decision to invest in Poland & CEE? What factors are taken into account, and how are the different sectors and locations viewed from the perspective of key investors from a range of countries? Which sectors and locations are being targeted by the various funds and finance sources and what are the challenges and opportunities?

Robert Martin, Founding Partner, Europa Capital (UK)
Simon Mallinson, Executive Managing Director, EMEA & APAC, Real Capital Analytics (UK)
Ingo Martin, Head of International Real Estate & Structured Finance, Deutsche Hypo (Germany)
Dorota Latkowska, Partner, REINO Capital Partners
Robert Dobrzycki, CEO Europe, Panattoni Europe
Piotr Mirowski,
Senior Partner, Head of Investment Services Poland, Colliers International 

Richard Betts, Group Publisher, Real Asset Media (moderator)


Speed Networking Session – meet potential business partners in your sector

In-depth, focused discussions combined with networking on latest trends and alternative sub-sectors that are having a rising influence on the real estate market. Exchange views on the key topics with industry peers and connect with new potential business partners.

(coffee & refreshments served throughout)

1. Newcomers: The Asian perspective
2. Accessing the market: Listed Real Estate
3. Flexible offices: over-hyped or ahead of the curve?
4. Resi to rent: what are the returns?
5. Student Housing: how deep is the market?
6. Wellbeing: how much impact on employee productivity?
7. The Hotel sector - which segments, which locations?
8. Future Trends affecting real estate


Presentation: Wellbeing and its growing influence on commercial real estate

Productivity and employee engagement have always been fundamental to a company’s performance and results, and the working environment is increasingly seen as a major driver in this regard. What are the trends and latest developments in this key area of design and implementation in the commercial real estate sector? How to keep ahead of the curve and future-proof investment and new development.

Phil Williams, Executive Vice President, Building & Human Performance, Delos (California, USA)


Film: Revitalizing CEE! Profiling leading schemes in the region

As prime land plots become scarcer, and local government places ever more value on local heritage, developers and investors are increasingly turning to brownfield and industrial sites to realize their ambitions. With a significant number of major urban revitalization projects planned or in process in the CEE, get an in-depth briefing and insight on leading projects across the region.


Panel: Revitalisation projects - Generating the Return on Investment

Revitalization projects are complex and time-consuming from start to finish, and present an entirely different financial model than new-build projects. Analysing key projects across the region, what are the key learnings from the developers and investors who have carried them out, plan to, or are currently in the process - and what do the financers and the investors think? Real insights from senior leaders active in the region; avoiding the pitfalls and creating success.

Sean Tompkins, Global Chief Executive, RICS (UK)
Marcin Juszczyk, Board Member, CIO & CFO, Capital Park
Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director Central Europe, JLL



From Warsaw and Poland’s regional cities, through mature markets like Prague, Budapest and Bucharest, to discussion about Baltics states and SEE. What are the challenges, risks, returns and the opportunities for cross-border investment? Discuss the trends influencing each market with both local and international investors in these interactive sessions.

(Participants choose to take part in one of these two sessions)

Break Session 1

The capitals of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have seen considerable investment from international capital and continue to be the focus for many institutional investors. What are the key drivers in each market and what is the outlook? Are all three cities attracting the human capital vital for success in the coming years? Which sectors are likely to outperform? What is the outlook for office, retail, logistics, residential, hotels and leisure? Are development or redevelopment opportunities the most attractive – where and how to invest? How to access the market, risks, challenges and solutions.
Regional cities in Poland are gaining strength with investment increasing significantly. At the same time, investors are looking beyond Warsaw, Prague and Budapest to Bucharest, Sofia, Bratislava and other capital cities in the region. What is driving capital into the regional cities of Poland? How does each market compare and what is the outlook? Which cities in the CEE region offer the best opportunities for international and cross-border capital? Will capital continue to flow into these markets? How does international capital view the opportunities? What are the key trends across the region and which sectors are likely to outperform? What is the outlook for office, retail, logistics, residential, hotels and leisure, student housing? Is development the main way to access these markets – where and how to invest? How to access these varied market opportunities, risks, challenges partnerships and solutions.


Networking Cocktail 



Honouring the legendary heroes & breathtaking achievements of Poland’s mountaineering tradition.

Krzysztof Wielicki, Mountaineer who, amongst numerous other achievements, led the first winter ascent of Mount Everest in 1980.

Wednesday 30th October



Registration & Networking Coffee


Presentation: Assessing the new political landscape in Poland

What do the results of the national elections that have just taken place mean for business in general and international investors in particular? What could be the short, medium and long-term effects? What will be the influence on the international business, finance and investment sectors? And what do the results specifically mean for the real estate markets and your business?

Marek Matraszek, Chairman, CEC Government Relations


Q&A with the Deputy Minister of Finance: Poland’s Economic & Business Future

Poland’s economic performance goes from strength to strength, but how does the government view the country’s economic performance and perspectives going forward? What are its aims and priorities? As the largest economy in Central & Eastern Europe, how does Poland view its role in the region and how will this influence real estate markets?

Tadeusz Kościński, Deputy Minister of Finance 


Panel Discussion: The CEE Market – Unlocking the Opportunities

Leading figures from the international market share insights on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for success for both international and pan-regional investors in the CEE & SEE markets. How best to access the market, make key partnerships and work with local and national governments to create successful projects or investments. Unlock the opportunities and the value.

Francesco Coviello MRICS, Head of Acquisitions, Italy, Spain & Central Europe, LaSalle Investment Management (Germany)
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, Bonard (Austria) 
Justyna Kędzierska-Klukowska, Head of Warsaw Office, Berlin Hyp
Leszek Sikora, Managing Director Poland, ECE Projektmanagement


Presentation: Why Coventry University chose Wrocław for its Branch Campus

Coventry University is opening a branch campus in the city of Wrocław. What is the aim of setting up this campus, and why did they choose Wrocław?

John Dishman, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Coventry University (UK)


Networking Coffee


Breakout Session 2: SECTORS - Seeking out performance

Residential, retail, warehouse and hotels are seeing significant growth alongside an increased focus on alternatives sectors - each sector has its own dynamics and creates its own development and investment opportunities. Pick up on the new global trends influencing these sectors and discuss the strategies to boost performance and returns in these interactive sessions.

(Participants choose to take part in one of these sessions)

Breakout Session 2

Participants: representatives from all ‘urban’ sectors: office, retail, residential, hotels, leisure, public spaces Cities are having to adapt to changing demands from citizens and businesses, as well as satisfy new lifestyle preferences which favour mix, choice, proximity and opportunity. And fast-growing cities have learnt that density doesn’t work so well if introduced for single use purposes. Are CEE cities - especially capitals - ready to utilize this new approach for their advantage to create life-sized cities attractive for residents and newcomers alike? Topics: Examples of mixed-used schemes in CEE that are appreciated both by the citizens and the investors that stand behind the projects The future of key single-use districts in CEE (like Mordor in Warsaw) A new approach to retail in cities (including high street) Building cooperation between different types of developers and operators - a new approach to investment?
The value of e-exports from Poland could rise from the current c. PLN 27 billion to PLN 110 billion in the future, according to a report by PwC for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. At present only 4% of Polish firms sell products and services online to other countries, against an EU average of 7%. The Poland figure could rise to 16% if barriers to the export of digital goods and services are lifted. Can e-export be the next market driver for warehouses developers? Are the global logistics trends - especially the appetite of Poland and CEE countries to engage more in two-way trade between Europe and Asia - something that local warehouse and logistics players take into account in their development strategies? What are other new forces will come into play for the warehouse sector? These topics and more will be discussed during this breakout session, including: 2019 in a snapshot: the biggest transactions, the newcomers, rents, investment market What is the profile of today's warehouse tenants and how will they look in the future? Poland’s market is closely tied to Germany. How will the upcoming downfall in the EU - and Germany in particular - affect the Poland and CEE markets? City logistics: how big is the demand in CEE ?


Panel Discussion: INTERNATIONAL & ASIAN INVESTMENT - what are the dynamics behind the new wave of international capital?

Asian capital has burst on to the CEE real estate landscape recently, making a significant impact, particularly on the warehouse and logistics sector. Is this only the beginning? Will the flow of capital continue to grow and spread across the region? With many Asian and international capital sources targeting the region, what are the different perspectives, drivers for investment and aims of new and established investors?

Natalie Breen, Global Real Estate Legal Leader, Head of Asia Real Estate Desk, PwC (UK)
Chan Woo Bin, Associate Partner, JP Weber
Carsten Loll
, Partner, Linklaters (Germany)


Panel: Responsible real estate investment in Poland

What are the most responsible forms of long-term investment in the Polish market which give the best long-term yields. How can Polish capital be more readily incorporated, and what position and importance does the stock exchange play.

Małgorzata Kośińska, President, REIT-Polska Association
Maciej Żukowski
, Director, Ministry of Finance, and President of the Supervisory Board, PFR Nieruchomości 


Closing Remarks

Richard Betts, Group Publisher, Real Asset Media

Richard Stephens, Founder & Editor, Poland Today


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