Kristof Jacunski
Origin Polska

Kristof Jacunski has over thirty years of experience in planning, development and management of real estate ventures, including residential, commercial, retail and office uses. He holds degrees in architecture, planning, and business management.

Kristof has worked in Poland, and then, since 1984, in NYC, and Toronto. In 1997, he returned to the Polish business scene participating in introduction of the Canadian company, Cineplex Odeon, to the Central European market. He then joined Chelverton, a British real estate developer, as the Business Development Director, where he was responsible for the expansion of the Polish division. In 2002, he started TOM Investment Group, a real estate development consulting firm. Between 2006-2010, as a manager of CEEPS Polska, he oversaw the development of several large real estate investments across Poland.

In 2013, along with Neil Prashad, the owner of Canadian company Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, he founded Origin Polska and has been serving as the company's CEO since.

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