Tadeusz Kościński
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Finance 

Tadeusz Kościński recently moved to the Ministry of Finance (July 2019) from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, where he was responsible for activities strengthening the foreign expansion of Polish companies, for increasing investment, developing the digital and non-cash economy, He was also responsible for the promotion of the Polish economy in the country and abroad, as well as shaping and implementing the principles of the European Union's trade exchange with third countries. He supervised the reform of the Special Economic Zones, thanks to which almost all of Poland is an attractive place to invest, and he was engaged in the process of enabling electronic invoicing in public procurement. Previously, Kościński worked at Polski Bank Rozwoju S.A., Bank Przemysłowo-Handlowy, Bank Śląski and Bank Pomorski, and at two banks in London. He was born and educated in London, and is a graduate of Goldsmith's University.

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