Kinga Nowakowska
Member of the Management Board & Operations Director
Capital Park

Kinga has been with the Capital Park Group since 2007 and a Member of the Management Board of Capital Park S.A. since 2016. She serves as the Group’s Chief Operating Officer. She has been involved in the Group’s major projects, including Eurocentrum and Royal Wilanów. Since 2009, she has also been CEO of ArtN Sp. z o.o., an SPV established to carry out a prestigious mixed-use revitalisation project in the former Norblin factory in Warsaw. In 1995−1996, she was a sales co-ordinator of IBM networking products for Eastern Europe, working for French company Sodexi. For 11 years, beginning in 1997, Kinga was Chief Executive Officer of Call Center Poland, which under her leadership became one of the largest multi-language customer service outsourcing hubs in Central and Eastern Europe, successfully sold in 2007. She is a graduate of International Business Law at the Sorbonne Law School.


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